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Great videos of a happy and fun young man

Camping at Odell Lake 

It was a great day at the lake! We couldn't tell if Justin was actually afraid of the snipe or not, he never let on if he even knew if the snipe was real or not. He always had a smile on his face.

Caught Singing Loud & Proud

Chasity heard him singing and decided to catch this on video! I think he was embarrassed for 2 seconds and then decided to go with it. 

Muscles Glasses Eating Jerkey

This represents the fun we had at the Boyce house, messing around and having fun. Justin always was witty and so much fun to be around. His uncanny way of bringing jokes in to any situation was so much fun to be around.

Justin's Edited Version of M.G.E.J

Justin used the IPAD to edit him eating the jerkey. He worked on this for hours. It turned out great!

The Cinnamon Challenge

Justin loved attention and when it came to having fun and lauging this was no different when he basically challenged himself to the cinnamon challenge.

Justin's 17th Bday Paintballing

Great time with great friends for Jusitn's 17th birthday paintballing in Mollala.

In Loving Memory Video's

by Justin's Close Friends


Justins Memorial Service

Justins memorial service
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