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Born:  September 23rd 1994

Son, Brother, Hockey Player, Student, and gentle loving young man.


Sadly left us on February 8th 2012



Justin Garron Boyce was born in Yuba City, California September 23rd, 1994. I (his dad) was stationed in that area at Beale AFB in the city of Marysville from 1992-1996. From day one Justin had such a contagious smile and great demeanor about him. From his daycare as an infant to his high school years he was praised as such a happy and gracious person. He was a person that genuinely cared for the people around him. Some things you don't see often in today’s age is a teenager that engages deeply in conversations and really care about what they are talking about. He was that kind of young man. He was great to be around and great to talk to.  He was my best friend. Truly and greatly missed every single minute of every single day. I want to share as many of those as I can so anyone that wants to understand how really outstanding of a young man he really was. In this website I will try to explain my interpretation of a young mans life that shined so bright and was extinguished to soon. 

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